Weigh-In, Week 3

Total weight lost since 7/19/2020 – 4.8 lbs

Week 1     -2 lbs.

Week 2     -1.8 lbs.

Week 3     -1 lb.

And I started out on July 19th weighing 3 lbs less than I did the last time I tracked my weight on the WW app on 6/5/2019. 

At approximately 5 lbs per month, it will take me about a year to get to my goal weight. And that is fine with me. Slow and steady. I know there will be plateaus and gains along the way. I’m thinking long-term change in how I handle food in order to be healthier. Life gets harder as you get older, physically speaking, and I don’t want to make it even harder by not doing all I can to maintain a healthy body.

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