Weekly Weigh-In, 8/28/2020, 6 weeks

Weekly weigh-in – I was up 0.2. lbs.

It is interesting to review my eating the past week. I stayed within my points and I logged everything. It was my birthday week. On my birthday I went through all my weekly points via a couple of cosmos and a slice of key lime cheesecake that my daughter made for me when our family got together to celebrate.  Earlier in the day I had a Nothing Bundt Cake Bundtini – which is like a small cupcake. That was at the art workshop I was attending.
So, the interesting and learning part is that I didn’t have a major binge or week long foray into junk food. It was a healthy week. Even on my birthday, I didn’t go to extremes. Two cosmos and one average sized slice of cheesecake shouldn’t be a big deal.
In light of this past week, I’m going to concentrate this next week on accuracy in measuring and on keeping my 0-point foods reasonable. I eat lots of grapes and melon – especially watermelon.  I know I’m not overweight because of eating fruit. However fruit has calories and sugar even though they are 0 points. So I will be more careful about not overdoing 0-point foods.
Also, I want to get more steps in. I’m averaging about 4,000 steps each day. I want to bump that up to at least 5K each day this week. Small increments – atomic habits.

Weekly Weigh-In, 8/14/2020

Total weight lost since 7/19/2020 – 5.6 lbs

Week 1     -2 lbs.

Week 2     -1.8 lbs.

Week 3     -1 lb.

Week 4    -.8

So . . . about 5 pounds for the first month. This past week was the first time I not only used all my daily points but I used all but 4 of my weekly points. Yet I still lost .8 lbs – which I was thrilled about. If I can average about 5 pounds each month, I will be happy.

Weigh-In, Week 3

Total weight lost since 7/19/2020 – 4.8 lbs

Week 1     -2 lbs.

Week 2     -1.8 lbs.

Week 3     -1 lb.

And I started out on July 19th weighing 3 lbs less than I did the last time I tracked my weight on the WW app on 6/5/2019. 

At approximately 5 lbs per month, it will take me about a year to get to my goal weight. And that is fine with me. Slow and steady. I know there will be plateaus and gains along the way. I’m thinking long-term change in how I handle food in order to be healthier. Life gets harder as you get older, physically speaking, and I don’t want to make it even harder by not doing all I can to maintain a healthy body.

Small Steps

I wanted a way to look at my goals as a “big picture” thing rather than getting hung up on whether or not I lose weight in my weekly weigh-ins. I thought a monthly tracker would be good. So I found this graphic that I liked. I love the colors and the soft and simple look of it. The first of each month, I will publish a post with my monthly and cumulative totals. I started WW on July 19, 2020. So the July total is for a week and 5 days.

I want to give myself a year to lose the weight I need to lose. No rush. It’s about making healthy eating and living a HABIT.

The new Weight Watchers plan – Green, Blue, and Purple plans – seems so much easier than before. I’m on the Blue plan. WW matched me with the Green plan, but after just a couple days, I knew that Blue was a better fit and switched to it.

A couple years ago, I read a booked titled Atomic Habits. It made a big impression on me. The book showed how developing small habits have a cumulative effect over time – like compound interest on money. So I’ve been trying to develop some healthy atomic habits.