Weekly Weigh-In – 9/18/2020 – 9 weeks

Another “up” week. Last week I was down .8 lbs., and this week I’m up .8 lbs. so basically no progress in two weeks. It’s okay. Next week will be a good week for me.

I’m not surprised at my weight this week. I actually breathed a little sigh of relief that it was not more. I’m not sure why since I HAVE stuck to the WW plan this week. I just felt like I had gained. Maybe next week will have a big loss. 

Weekly Weigh-In – 9/4/2020


I’m pleased with this. I used all my weeklies in addition to my dailies this week. However I logged every single thing I ate.

My goals for this next week is to continue logging everything, drink more water, and to be more active.

I’m in Georgia right now visiting my mother. My weight was done on her scales, which has always matched my own scales.

Thursday Morning Thoughts

Just a quick thought for this morning. I’m becoming a little fixated on the scale. I’ve been weighing every morning. Two days ago I was up. Yesterday I was down. I recognize this pattern from all the dieting I’ve done over the years – and it’s not a healthy pattern. I become obsessed with my weight, and that’s not what I want for myself.

So a new resolution: I will weigh ONLY on Friday mornings, That’s it.  No in-between. I’ve got to end this obsession before it derails me!

One other observation: I’m still doing “secret eating.” Yesterday I had the house to myself for several hours. What’s the first thing I did? I ate FOUR Rice Krispies treats – which was 14 points. I logged them and counted the points, but WHY? I didn’t really want four Rice Krispies treats – but it was like I suddenly had the freedom to eat whatever I wanted. That’s not healthy thinking. I can eat whatever I want whenever I want – as long as I track it and stay within my points.  There’s no need to binge.

This lifestyle is a different way of thinking, and changing long-held practices takes time. However, I am committed to this!

Tomorrow’s weigh-in will be interesting. I have used up all my daily and weekly points last week and this week. Supposedly I should still lose weight. Last week I gained. Hopefully tomorrow I will have lost.

Small Steps – 2nd month

I started using this graphic last month to show monthly weight losses.  On the first day of each month,  I weigh myself and take photos for my own record. This is outside of any WW weigh-ins or tracking.  Looking at the tracker below, it is amazing to me that I “only” lost 2.4 lbs in August. I tracked my food every single day and stayed within the points allowed by WW. However, I did NOT do much exercise. So maybe that will be my focus in September. Keep doing what I did in July and August and add more consistent exercise.

Total weight lost: 6.2 lbs.

Weekly Weigh-In, 8/28/2020, 6 weeks

Weekly weigh-in – I was up 0.2. lbs.

It is interesting to review my eating the past week. I stayed within my points and I logged everything. It was my birthday week. On my birthday I went through all my weekly points via a couple of cosmos and a slice of key lime cheesecake that my daughter made for me when our family got together to celebrate.  Earlier in the day I had a Nothing Bundt Cake Bundtini – which is like a small cupcake. That was at the art workshop I was attending.
So, the interesting and learning part is that I didn’t have a major binge or week long foray into junk food. It was a healthy week. Even on my birthday, I didn’t go to extremes. Two cosmos and one average sized slice of cheesecake shouldn’t be a big deal.
In light of this past week, I’m going to concentrate this next week on accuracy in measuring and on keeping my 0-point foods reasonable. I eat lots of grapes and melon – especially watermelon.  I know I’m not overweight because of eating fruit. However fruit has calories and sugar even though they are 0 points. So I will be more careful about not overdoing 0-point foods.
Also, I want to get more steps in. I’m averaging about 4,000 steps each day. I want to bump that up to at least 5K each day this week. Small increments – atomic habits.

Weekly Weigh-In, 8/14/2020

Total weight lost since 7/19/2020 – 5.6 lbs

Week 1     -2 lbs.

Week 2     -1.8 lbs.

Week 3     -1 lb.

Week 4    -.8

So . . . about 5 pounds for the first month. This past week was the first time I not only used all my daily points but I used all but 4 of my weekly points. Yet I still lost .8 lbs – which I was thrilled about. If I can average about 5 pounds each month, I will be happy.

Weigh-In, Week 3

Total weight lost since 7/19/2020 – 4.8 lbs

Week 1     -2 lbs.

Week 2     -1.8 lbs.

Week 3     -1 lb.

And I started out on July 19th weighing 3 lbs less than I did the last time I tracked my weight on the WW app on 6/5/2019. 

At approximately 5 lbs per month, it will take me about a year to get to my goal weight. And that is fine with me. Slow and steady. I know there will be plateaus and gains along the way. I’m thinking long-term change in how I handle food in order to be healthier. Life gets harder as you get older, physically speaking, and I don’t want to make it even harder by not doing all I can to maintain a healthy body.