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Weekly Weigh-In – October 23, 2020

I’m trucking along. I’m out of town visiting my mother. And I usually lose a little weight even if I don’t try when I’m at her house. That’s probably a good lesson in not keeping things I shouldn’t eat at my house. There are no chips, candy, and other temptations here!

Ten Weeks till Christmas

Only ten weeks and two days till Christmas (October 14 – December25). What positive action can you commit to for ten weeks?

This happened today!

I’m in shock. I got on the scale this morning fully expecting for the number to be up a couple pounds because, although I’ve been following the WW plan and I’ve logged all my points, I’ve already used up ALL my weekly points. Today isn’t my weigh-in day, but when I saw the number on … Continue reading This happened today!

Recipe: Pigs in a Blanket

I wanted a hot dog – particularly a pig-in-a-blanket. And I knew I needed two things to make them: bread dough and hog dogs. First, the dough. My Bizzy Kitchen has a pizza dough that can be used in many ways, and I like it much better than the 2-ingredient dough because it doesn’t have … Continue reading Recipe: Pigs in a Blanket

Weekly weigh-in – 10/9/2020

Another week, and thanks to being in fairly significant pain for four of those days, I lost more weight than has been typical so far. Almost to ten pounds total. I’m looking forward to the next week – feeling good, doing more walking, getting into my anti-gout routine, and I will also be getting into … Continue reading Weekly weigh-in – 10/9/2020

Time Out – Got Gout!

Last week I was so gung-ho – feeling good and energetic. Then Saturday morning came, and suddenly I couldn’t walk. I don’t mean that it hurt to walk. It means I went to bed Friday night feeling just fine. I woke up Saturday morning and literally could not walk because my left foot was so … Continue reading Time Out – Got Gout!


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